Our business was founded by a group of professional researchers whose underlying passion was – and still is – to frame decisions for marketing and business leaders.  Decisions that are not always easy to make, especially when the available information is limited and sometimes contradictory.

We started a full-service research agency in 2008 that was small in size but always thinking big. We have managed to grow into a multi-sector client-oriented company, working with dozens of local and international clients, completed 1800 projects to date and becoming one of the biggest independent agencies in Romania.

We are based in Romania but gained international exposure throughout the years as we had managed several multi-country projects across Europe and the Middle East.


Irrespective of your industry sector, our craftsmanship – based on multi-skilled backgrounds and relevant experience – allows 360insights to apply 3 principles in all our projects:


We take a holistic view of business issues by integrating all relevant sources of market intelligence


We use our many years of hands-on experience and an arsenal of sophisticated analytical techniques and tools to design a research approach that is right for you


We deliver research results which directly link to your business results: sales / market share, employee and customer loyalty, stakeholder reputation.


Our extensive capabilities allow 360insights to meet any conceivable research needs, thanks to our robust quantitative infrastructure and fully equipped qualitative facilities.


30 in-house CATI stations, 100 laptops/ tablets/ notebooks for face-to-face studies, an extensive well-trained network of supervisors & interviewers nationwide, complete data processing and analysis


9 experienced researchers, 4 data analysts and 7 fieldwork seniors


2 fully equipped focus group rooms with one-way mirror viewing, video and audio observation and recording, simultaneous translation, video streaming, online studies platform


7 experienced moderators and 4 field seniors

Romania (own resources) | Europe and Middle East (through field-agency partnerships)


We are a team of market research specialists driven by passion and curiosity and committed to turning insights into actions.

Managing Director

Client Service & Research Director – Head of Qualitative

Client Service & Research Director – Head of Quantitative

Advanced Analytics and Data Processing Director

Operations Director

Before founding 360insights, Panicos was Managing Director for Synovate in Romania and the Balkans, leading its successful launch in 2003 and driving the company toward market leadership in 2007. He began his research career with MEMRB in Saudi Arabia over 20 years ago.

A degree in Economics, an MBA, and multicultural experience have empowered Panicos in his quest for business value creation and the development of high-performing teams.
With 17 years’ experience researching consumer behaviour and motivations, Mihaela has helped clients in several industries decode the meanings of products and brand personalities.

Her passion for creative qualitative research techniques was sparked by an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a postgraduate degree in Communication and Public Opinion.

Before co-founding 360insights, Mihaela worked for Synovate and Daedalus.
Manuela’s hands-on experience of research solutions and strategic thinking when presented with a stack of data, helped her to deliver remarkable value to clients across a variety of sectors.

She has 11 years’ experience working with applied quantitative tools and methods and is now managing a talented Client Services team.

Manuela previously exercised her analytical thinking skills in an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management.
Iulian develops statistical applications for quantitative research, using expertise gained from his 12 years’ experience in quantitative methods. Iulian believes that anything is possible as long as it falls into a mathematical formula, a legacy of his time spent studying in Applied Mathematics at the University of Bucharest.

His experience at Synovate and 360insights have allowed him to specialize in designing complex analytical models and customizing research tools.
Adrian has over 17 years’ experience in operations management, working with private utility organizations and Synovate before moving to 360insights.

His responsibilities include designing reports and databases, as well as managing fieldwork using the latest data-collection methods. The ultra-logical thinking and crystal-clear reasoning he brings to 360insights equipped him well for his university studies in Statistics and Cybernetics.

Client Services & Research Manager (Qualitative)

Client Services & Research Manager (Qualitative)

Senior Research Executive (Qualitative)

Operations Manager (Qualitative)

Senior Client Service & Research Executive (Quantitative)

Simina is the head of Motivational research at 360insights, in which she has over 12 years’ experience. Her passion for Alderian psychology has underpinned her consulting work on projects that have helped clients optimise brand portfolio strategies and map out new market opportunities.

Simina has previously fed her curiosity surrounding the complexities of human behaviour in an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Organisational Behaviour.
Laura has been looking deep into consumer motivations and unveiling the true meanings behind consumer perceptions and choices for over 11 years. She has helped clients to assess brand communication strategies, undertake brand audits and launch new products in several industries including Telecommunications, FMCG and Pharmaceuticals.

Her fascination with Freudian theories led her to an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Publicity and Advertising.
Adelina brings a fresh approach to moderation to the 360insights qualitative team, with alternative methods including ethnographies and online communities.

During her 6 years at the company, she has acquired versatile moderation and analytical skills, working on projects across different sectors (FMCG, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals) and covering a wide range of research types (communication and product development, marketing mix testing, loyalty studies).

Adelina has a passionate interest in Urban Anthropology and Body . She has a postgraduate degree in Sociology on Methodology and Advanced Sociological Research.
Cristina works at the heart of project execution, from overseeing the effectiveness of the recruitment process to the proper hosting of clients and respondents.

Her project management responsibilities include the planning and provision of adequate resources, resolving bottlenecks and making sure deadlines and budget requirements are met.
Cristina has 12 years’ experience in project management and administration tasks, working with 360insights since company’s launch.
Antonia is specialized in pricing research and conjoint analysis at 360insights. Naturally methodical and analytical, Antonia quickly developed into a valuable Key Account Manager for the Telecommunications and FMCG industries. She has over 4 years’ experience in quantitative market research.

She has applied her knowledge in a diverse range of research types, including communication development and targeting, satisfaction and reputation studies, brand audits and shopper studies, complementing the pricing expertise.

Antonia holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology, and a post graduate degree in Advanced Sociological Research.

Senior Client Service & Research Executive (Quantitative)

Administrations Manager (Quantitative & Qualitative)

Finance Manager

Ana-Maria’s curiosity with how decision and buying processes are shaped led her to a career at 360insights while still studying for a postgraduate course in Economics. She is part of our team since 2015.

In addition to key account management responsibilities in Banking, Retail, and Telecommunication, she is involved in projects entailing advanced analytics and the customization of research tools.

Driven to push the boundaries of the classical rational choice model further, Ana-Maria completed a Ph.D. in Economics.
Alex’s role expands beyond administration and office tasks to include the proper handling of hardware and software used for data collection. He is also responsible for the logistics involved in executing large-scale projects such as Central Location and Home Use Tests.

Alex has over 12 years’ experience in this role, on both qualitative and quantitative projects, and holds a degree in Chemistry and Marketing.
With over 20 years of experience, Claudia has headed up our company’s financial and accounting operations from day one at 360insights. In addition to managing inflows and outflows, she is responsible for the implementation of a set of controls to eliminate risks as well as compliance with local accounting standards and regulations.

Claudia holds a degree in Accounting and Finance and is a certified accountant.