19 Mar 2015

e-Community has become one of the key tools of our methodology mix, due to its incredible value added to the discovery of insights.

e-Community offers the possibility of a better category usage and experience as it happens in real time and also an opportunity to make sense and provide meaning into the brand communication by relating to target’s values and aspirations in life. Having a longitudinal approach, clients could generate ideas and concepts, test stimuli and catch the changes in behavior while they happen.

Blue chip companies, from FMCG to services, have come on board with us and used e-Communities for setting up a two-way dialogue, generate insights and co-create with their most engaged target groups. We have great success stories achieved so far, gaining brilliant insights that truly helped brands better address their audiences.

“360insights private online community (POC) is a powerful tool to empower consumers in the brand development (…) we’re now transforming these insights into a humanized communication, tapping into specific needs and consumption moments”, says the Consumer & Market Research Intelligence Manager of a top company in alcohol market, at the end process of running a long-term branded POC with 360insights.